B.O.T.L and Vuong 10 from Nina Kov on Vimeo.

Internationally-acclaimed choreographer Wayne McGregor CBE curates an evening of short dance pieces created by choreographers currently working closely with him, including members of his own world class company Wayne McGregor | Random Dance.

Developed in collaboration with Aurora Orchestra, the project features a brand-new score from electronics pioneer Leafcutter John and Aurora Principal Viola Max Baillie, commissioned by Kings Place.
Premiered at Kings Place, Friday 20 and Saturday 21 September 2013.

The video above is a promo for the works B.O.T.L and Vuong 10.
Vuong 10 is an exercise that investigates the resilience and yearning for physical communication in a digital age.

Choreographer: Michael-John Harper
Dancer: Catarina Carvalho

Vuong 10
Choreographers: Catarina Carvalho, Nina Kov
Dancers: Catarina Carvalho, Michael-John Harper

Composer/Electronics: Leafcutter John
Composer/Viola: Max Baillie

Lighting Design/Technical Director: Christopher Charles



http://randomdance.org/the_company/dancers/catarina_carvalho http://randomdance.org/the_company/dancers/michael_john_harper