“They’re not the sort of thing you’d expect to see onstage in a dance performance.”
Kevin Holmes – Creators.vice.com

“Thought-provoking dance-tech mashup.”
Emiko Jozuka – Wired.com

“Profoundly human and quintessentially modern.”
“The dance is delightful.”
Kelsey D. Atherton – Popularscience.com

“A kind of spark-made-flesh that thrills the imagination and challenges the ephemeral nature of dance.”
“A visceral sense of entanglement and intrusion that is enthralling.”
Nicholas Minns – writingaboutdance.com

“Fresh choreographic talent establishes a novel aesthetic: one that is animal-like, pedestrian, athletic.”
Josephine Leask – Londondance.com

“Beautifully choreographed.”
“Must be experienced to be grasped.”
Carole Edrich – dancetog.com

“Copter was an incredible exploration of our interactions with technology and surveillance.”
“Original and captivating, the relationship between the two was varied and complex.”
Bryony Byrne – Aesthetica.com

“The piece was powerful, and perhaps the only time I will ever see a helicopter dance. Truly remarkable.”
Stuart Forward – Eqview.com

“The human dancer and the product of technology dance around one another, creating a beautiful sequence that flows effortlessly.”
Scarlet Howes – Theupcoming.co.uk

“A fable of human interaction with machine.”
Nicholas Minns – writingaboutdance.com

“The coda is a huge, well choreographed flashmob in the subway by Nina Kov, and it will linger in your memory.”
Balázs Pásztor – filmtekercs.hu