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Divide by Zero

Showing the unconscious through a magnifying glass of digital technology.

Using interactive projection technology, this piece is a kinesthetic and visual journey into the unconscious of a dancer, Catarina Carvalho. The viewer is invited to a ritual re-creation of one’s self and psychological space, an ‘Autopoiesis’ where the interpenetration of body and virtual images makes visible the emotions and sensations in the the flesh.

The organic yet refined aesthetics of the piece, influenced by Japanese minimalism, builds a set of lights and shadows created by the movements of the dancer. The smallest gestures are picked up and magnified, making possible the poetic coexistence of the intimate and the spectacular.

In this infinite inner space, the body is the platform between unconscious and virtual.


Choreography: Nina Kov
Dancer: Catarina Carvalho
Art Direction and Interactive Design: Hellicar&Lewis
Music: Paul Child
Hypnotherapist: Sarah Collier