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‘Copter’ is a dance piece as well as a short dance film.
‘Copter’ is a duo between a RC helicopter and a woman.
A dancing mini helicopter is awesome and beautiful in itself, but there is more to this project, and we need you to make it come true!
Dancer: Nina Kov
Cinematography by Tamas Olajos
Edited by Alice Petit and Kristóf Deák
Directed by Kristóf Deák

Praise for Copter

“Copter was an incredible exploration of our interactions with technology and surveillance”
“Original and captivating, the relationship between the two was varied and complex.” Bryony Byrne


★★★★★ “The piece was powerful, and perhaps the only time I will ever see a helicopter dance. ” Truly remarkable “– Stuart Forward


★★★★ “The human dancer and the product of technology dance around one another, creating a beautiful sequence that flows effortlessly” – Scarlet Howes


“A fable of human interaction with machine” “Kov has now balanced the work to show a charged relationship between the two that runs the gamut from touchingly playful to coldly voyeuristic.” Nicholas Minns