Dancing With Drones

A Technological World First

Nina Kov Artistic Director – Choreographer

Dancing with Drones is a show offering a never seen before entertainment form, the multimedia drone show.
Combining state of the art  technological prowess with high level artistic entertainment, Dancing with Drones provides an experience guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

Credit: Kristof Hegedus

Dancing With Drones at Sziget festival

Dancing with Drones, showcasing the latest technological development in the field of Cooperative Drones, is the finest example of interaction between machines and humans.

The show is also an incredible journey documenting the strive for progress in humanity and unifying human, animal and robotic movement.

In 2014, the world’s first autonomous outdoor flock of 10 quadcopters took off in Hungary. Tamás Vicsek and his research team at the Department of Biological Physics, Eötvös University, Budapest created flying robots that communicate with each other directly and solve tasks collectively in a self-organized manner, without human intervention. Tamás Vicsek – among widespread scientific achievements – is one of the internationally recognized founders of collective motion research and among the top cited researchers in Hungary.

The project was estabilished as part of the EU founded ERC COLLMOT grant (led by Tamás Vicsek) aiming at understanding universal rules of collective motion. The robotic group of COLLMOT, led by Gábor Vásárhelyi used bio-inspiration from the collective motion of animals to succeed in creating an autonomous robotic flock. Their publication results received international attention within and even outside of the strict scientific community (Nature, Science, New Scientist, New York Times, Scientific American, Times, Newsweek, CNN, BBC, amongst many others).


Praise for Copter


“Copter was an incredible exploration of our interactions with technology and surveillance”
“Original and captivating, the relationship between the two was varied and complex.”

Aesthetica.com Bryony Byrne

★★★★★ “The piece was powerful, and perhaps the only time I will ever see a helicopter dance. ” Truly remarkable “

Eqview.com– Stuart Forward

★★★★ “The human dancer and the product of technology dance around one another, creating a beautiful sequence that flows effortlessly”


Theupcoming.co.uk – Scarlet Howes

“A fable of human interaction with machine” “Kov has now balanced the work to show a charged relationship between the two that runs the gamut from touchingly playful to coldly voyeuristic.”

http://writingaboutdance.com/ -Nicholas Minns




Dancer Rosie Terry, Image @Camilla Greenwell






Copter at Sadler’s Wells

Nina Kov’s “Copter” has been invited to Sadler’s Wells for Casson & Friend’s Wild Card at The Lilian Baylis on 18th March 2015.

Tickets are selling fast, book yours now:


Wild Card returns with more specially curated evenings from a new generation of dance makers, bringing fresh perspectives to the stage. For each Wild Card, an up-and-coming artist is given the opportunity to present their own work, alongside performances by artists they admire.



Reviews for Vuong 10

” Vuong 10, an intoxicating, at times erotic experience” “A kind of spark-made-flesh that thrills the imagination and challenges the ephemeral nature of dance.”
“There is no doubt about the movement language (…)it has a visceral sense of entanglement and intrusion that is enthralling.”
Nicholas Minns- writingaboutdance.com

“Fresh choreographic talent establishes a novel aesthetic: one that is animal-like, pedestrian, athletic”
Josephine Leask – Londondance.com

“Beautifully choreographed” “Must be experienced to be grasped.“
Carole Edrich- dancetog.com

“An intense hour where those watching genuinely feel as the dancers are” – Will Jennings

photo ©Carole Edrich – ceimages.co.uk




VUONG 10 at JW3


On 14th-15th January, 7.30pm


Leafcutter John & Max Baillie ©Carole Edrich – ceimages.co.uk



Maren Fidje Bjørneseth & Kenny Wing Tao Ho ©Carole Edrich – ceimages.co.uk


VUONG 10 Premiere at RichMix on Saturday 13th December 2014, 7.30 pm




Exceptional talents have teamed up for the production of VUONG 10, an exploration of human interactions in the digital age. Originally curated by Wayne McGregor for “Randomworks”, the first ever evening of contemporary dance at Kings Place, and 8 minutes long, the piece has been developed into a full length performance with live music from Leafcutter John and Max Baillie. VUONG 10 explores the yearning for physical communication in an era where we have to learn how to touch each other again and to share our internal space. The intention to connect, to explore each other’s movements, to interact and respond, spawned the intriguing musical and physical landscape of the piece.
Two dancers explore each other’s body, showing glimpses of a plausible future that is infused with dark beauty.
Choreographers Nina Kov (Place Prize semi-finalist 2012) and Catarina Carvalho (Wayne McGregor | Random Dance) with a special contribution by Michael-John Harper (Wayne McGregor | Random Dance) have been working with musicians Leafcutter John (Polar Bear) and Max Baillie (Aurora Orchestra) to investigate human connections and response to the music.
The interlinked nature of music and dance in VUONG 10 makes it a contemporary music concert as well as a contemporary dance piece, and can be recommended for fans of both genres. Tickets can be booked following this link: http://www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/vuong-10/
Supported by Arts Council England, The Deptford Lounge, Into / Out Of, JW3, Rich Mix. Thanks to Wayne McGregor | Random Dance for the kind mentoring.





































“Vuong 10” Contemporary Dance Workshop and Performance 13-15 August 2014

hosted by Into / Out Of at The Deptford Lounge

Choreographers Nina Kov (Place Prize 2012 semi-finalist) and Catarina Carvalho (Wayne McGregor | Random Dance) lead a 3-day intensive professional development workshop drawing on their co-creation of “Vuong 10”, which looks at the resilience of touch in the digital age.

Sharing their unique approach to creation, Kov and Carvalho will guide participants through key methods and ideas related to the collaborative process, which have helped many dancers gain strong devising and performing skills.
Each day will start with a short technical class followed by a creative session, centered around the development of the following ideas: Sensorial exploration of the body, improvisation as instant composition and developing performing skills. Sharing intimacy with the viewer and performing in public spaces.

Throughout the 3 days, guided by the choreographers, participants will devise a solo and will have the option to perform it during a filmed public performance at The Deptford Lounge on the 15th of August.
Each participant will receive a filmed copy of his or her solo, included in the course price. Both professional dancers and advance dance students are welcome. 13-15 August 2014 from 5.30pm to 9pm each day. (Total learning time: 11 hours) Tickets available here: vuong10.eventbrite.com

About Vuong 10: Created by a collective of talented artists including choreographer Nina Kov (Place Prize 2012), Catarina Carvalho and Michael-John Harper (Wayne McGregor | Random Dance) plus the composing duo Leafcutter John (Polar Bear) and Max Baillie (Aurora Orchestra). Vuong 10 is a new work in the making, growing out from a short performance curated by Wayne McGregor | Random Dance at Kings Place last year.

About Into/Out Of :
Developing a platform for dance with The Deptford Lounge in South East London through an exchange of space and support for skills. Bringing making and performance into & out of spaces, engaging people and place. To be informed, involved or submit a proposal please contact: tom@goodeveningarts.com





































Dancing with Drones, an Art and Science collaboration

Dancing with Drones is an EU-funded ICT & ART Connect project. In cooperation with the EU ERC COLLMOT Robotic research group directed by Pr. Tamás Vicsek of EOTVOS University, Budapest, we are creating the first ever human-drone aerial group dance.
The goal of “Dancing with Drones” is to create a common ground for the study and understanding of movement and the organised succession of movement (choreography) for both humans and UAVs.

In this context drones will be considered as choreographical agents, and presented as such to a broader audience.
The importance of developing peaceful applications for drones by creating a connection with the public is more crucial than ever. The goal of this project is to show the peaceful, civil and creative applications of drones, and the possibilities opened by collaboration between scientists and artists.
It will end with the demonstration of the world’s first ever human-drone aerial group dance piece.
The project is a collaboration between choreographer Nina Kov (London), and the COLLMOT Robotic Research Group (Budapest), who recently created the first completely autonomous flock of quadcopter drones.
The UAV flock was created based on animal movement patterns, in order to study efficient autonomous movement strategies within a group context.

Nina Kov is a pioneer in terms of unmanned aerial device-human choreographic interactions. She created Copter for the PlacePrize 2012, a dance duet with a miniature helicopter.
The COLLMOT team and Nina Kov share a common interest in the universal motion patterns existing in flocking and swarming behaviour, applied to animal or robotic conduct. By introducing an artistic human element to the equation, the movement analysis scope of this project will transcend categories, connecting animal, robotic and human collective behaviour.

go to to the COLLMOT site for more information





































Performance with Cassiel at the ICT & Art Connect weekend in London:






































New work, in collaboration with Catarina Carvalho and Wayne McGregor | Random Dance

RANDOM WORKS Kings Place Friday 20 and Saturday 21 September, 8pm

Wayne McGregor curates an evening of short dance pieces created by choreographers currently working closely with him, including current and past Wayne McGregor | Random Dance dancers. Developed in collaboration with Aurora Orchestra, the evening features a brand-new score from electronics pioneer Leafcutter John and Aurora Principal Viola Max Baillie, commissioned by Kings Place.
The first piece of contemporary dance to be performed in Kings Place Hall One, the performance will feature new short works by Robert Binet, Catarina Carvalho and Nina Kov, Travis Clausen-Knight, Michael-John Harper, Anna Nowak, Morgann Runacre-Temple and Jessica Wright, Fukiko Takase, and Alexander Whitley.



































Check the londondance.com review of Copter at the Place Prize! COPTER Project started, click for more info.

New music video

in collaboration with Kristof Deak.

Divide by Zero

invited to perform in Cannes, at the Palais des festivals, for the 50th anniversary of ESDC -Rosella Hightower. Come see us, 25th April.

Publication: Exploring Choreographers’ Conceptions of Motion Capture for Full Body Interaction

(Marco Gillies, Max Worgan, Hestia Peppe and Nina Kov)

Nina has been invited to do a presentation of her work with Motion Capture in collaboration with Goldsmiths University at the 25th BCS Human Computer Interaction conference. Newcastle 4th-8th July 2011